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Pro 2

Our best selling unit. Pro2 provides a brilliant illumination of 160 lumens in neutral LED light. It also features a 3.3W panel that charges the unit with solar charging and battery indicators. The unit with a double USB port is capable of charging a wide variety of mobile devices.
Q 310.00


  • 160 lumens of neutral LED light
  • Three levels of illumination (Turbo) 160 Lumens, (Normal) 75 Lumens, (Low) 25 Lumens
  • Metallic base

Mobile Charging

  • 5.5 V USB outlet designed for most types of mobile phones
  • Includes cables and adaptors


  • Long lasting LFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) battery
  • Robust 3.3W solar panel with 5-meter cable extension.
  • Up to 36 hours of light on one charge

Materials and Durability

  • Strong polycarbonate case, IP65
  • Water resistant